Fertilizer Solutions

Synergie provides fertilizer manufacturers and resources-oriented enterprises with custom-tailored fertilizer efficiency solutions and chain-wide services including pre-research consultation, R&D guidance, pre-production testing, and marketing.

Synergie develops personalized and differentiated fertilizer efficiency solutions for clients according to their specific needs. Synergie (China) Central Laboratory serves as clients’ second laboratory.

DM99 nutrient activation technology

DM99 Nutrient Activation Technology: Reducing nutrient loss or fixation, improving nutrient availability, and promoting plant nutrient absorption by biochemical methodology to regulate fertilizers and plants.
Core functions: Synergy, activation, cooperative uptake
Scope of application: Compound fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, urea, controlled-release fertilizer, etc.
Mechanism of action: According to the characteristics of nutrient elements, targeted activation is carried out for higher utilization
Nitrogen: Reduces loss and improves nitrogen utilization
Phosphorus: Reduces fixation, and promotes mobility and absorption
Potassium: Synergistically promotes absorption and transformation
Other nutrients: Synergistically promote absorption, prolong fertilizer efficiency, and improve activity
DM99 category:
DM99-I, DM99-II, DM99-III for fertilizer manufacturers
DM99-N and DM99-P for resources-oriented enterprises

DM99-I application: Compound fertilizer for field crops
DM99-II application: Compound fertilizer for cash crops
DM99-III application: Water-soluble fertilizer
DM99-N application: Urea, thiamine and other nitrogen fertilizers
DM99-P application: Monoammonium phosphate (MAP), diammonium phosphate (DAP) and other phosphate fertilizers

CBK plant physiological regulation technology

CBK plant physiological regulation technology: It is a physiological regulation technology by which extracts from many rare plants are mixed with multiple biostimulants to arouse the activity of key metabolic enzymes in plants to regulate plant respiration and photosynthesis, so as to make plants more capable of absorbing and transforming water and fertilizers, thereby accelerating the accumulation of organic nutrients, enhancing plant stress resistance, leading to an improvement in crop yield and quality.
Core function: Physiological activation of plants
Scope of application: Liquid fertilizer, leaf fertilizer, soil conditioner, biostimulant and other functional fertilizers
Mechanism of action:
● Activate the metabolism of key enzymes in plant cells
● Regulate the photosynthesis and respiration of plants
● Enhance the growing vitality and stress resistance of plants
● Improve the nutrient absorption capacity of plants
● Promote the accumulation of organic matter and energy

CBK-I application: Liquid fertilizer, microbial agent, biostimulant, secondary and micro-element fertilizers, etc.
CBK-II application: Macroelement, secondary and micro-element, amino acid and biostimulant leaf fertilizers