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German Synergie Fertilizer Efficiency Enhancement Technology Landed at Kingenta Group2022/07/11

The Kingenta product using Synergie fertilizer efficiency enhancement technology is about to sow its first "seed" in China. Agriculture is the crucial industry of the world. With the transformation and upgrading of Chinese agriculture towards green production, the special fertilizer sector is rapidly developing. On April 8th, the Technology Department of Synergie Research Institute in Germany authorized the online launch ceremony of Kingenta products, which was successfully held. Tens of thousands of experts, partners and distributors gathered in the live broadcast room to witness the landing of leading German fertilizer efficiency technology in Kingenta Group of China.

As one of the leading enterprises in the fertilizer industry, Kingenta Group has partnered with Synergie in Germany to fully lay out the special fertilizer track. This online launch ceremony marks the beginning of German technology landing in China, indicating that Kingenta Group has fully integrated with Germany's leading special fertilizer technology. In the future, the core product matrix of Kingenta Group will be upgraded across the board, and its efficiency enhancement scheme will gradually reach millions of households, re-enabling China's green agriculture and ecological planting.

Empowered by Germany's advanced efficiency enhancement technology

Various unfavorable factors such as global climate change and decreasing arable land are affecting modern agricultural production. Special fertilizers, bearing the mission of reducing fertilizer consumption and improving efficiency and green agriculture, have become the main battlefield of fertilizer innovation.

It is technology that drives conventional fertilizers to new special fertilizer products. As a globally renowned provider of fertilizer efficiency solutions, the Synergie Research Institute in Germany has long collaborated with multiple universities such as the University of California, the University of Bonn, the University of Minster, the University of Humboldt in Berlin and the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, and has been committed to the innovative research on efficiency enhancement technology solutions for nitrogen fertilizers, phosphorus fertilizers, composite fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers and composite biostimulants.

After years of dedicated research, the Synergie Research Institute in Germany has two leading synergistic technologies, namely DM99 nutrient activation technology and CBK plant physiological activation technology.

It is reported that DM99 nutrient activation technology is an upgrade of the efficient nutrient utilization technology. By improving the utilization rate of nutrients, the amount of fertilizer used is reduced, while crop yield is increased. CBK plant physiological activation technology is suitable for organic growth promoting products, such as liquid fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, etc. By regulating endogenous hormones in plants, it stimulates the growth of crops, thereby promoting root growth and the accumulation and transformation of plant photosynthetic products, enhancing crop disease resistance, reducing pesticide use, improving agricultural product quality and achieving high quality yield.

Years of application in Europe and Southeast Asia has shown that the fertilizer products using Synergie efficiency enhancement technology can significantly improve fertilizer utilization and prolong fertilizer efficiency at the same dosage, thereby reducing nutrient waste and environmental pollution, activating the vitality of soil crops and increasing crop yield and flavor.

The application of leading efficiency enhancement technology not only brings more market competitive technological products to distributor partners, but also enables farmers to use new technologies to improve agricultural production quality, efficiency, yield and income.


Team strength recognized by experts

"Fertilizer efficiency enhancement technology plays an important role in improving fertilizer utilization efficiency, increasing crop yield and reducing fertilizer losses. However, currently, there is not much research in related fields and the technology is not mature in China, which leads to unstable performance of fertilizer efficiency enhancers and hinders their application in the market." said Gao Xiangzhao, the chief expert of the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at the launch ceremony.

Professor Gong Biao from the School of Horticulture Science and Engineering at Shandong Agricultural University believes that in order to improve the utilization rate of fertilizers, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of different cultivation systems, reduction of fertilizer consumption and efficiency enhancement technologies. Kingenta Group's precise investment and innovation in new technologies meet the needs of efficient, organic and green agricultural development. The cooperation between both parties has attracted industry attention, marking the arrival of the era of fertilizer efficiency enhancement. At the stage of using fertilizers for spring plowing, Kingenta products using Synergie efficiency enhancement technology are about to sow their first "seed" in China.