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The seminar on fertilizer efficiency enhancement technology was successfully held2023/05/20

In order to speed up the implementation and promotion of fertilizer efficiency technology in China, improve technology and product research and development capabilities, and build a broader industry university research cooperation platform, on May 20,2023, Germany Synergie Institute held a fertilizer efficiency technology seminar and a signing ceremony with three national research and development platforms, including the National Engineering Research Center for Slow and Controlled Release Fertilizers and the National Engineering Research Center for Compound Fertilizers. This signing ceremony is dedicated to the joint research between Germany and China on the promotion and application of fertilizer efficiency enhancement technology in China, in order to promote the rapid development of China's efficiency enhancement technology and the transformation and upgrading of the fertilizer industry.


On site of fertilizer efficiency improvement technology seminar

At this seminar, Dr. Li Xinzhu from the Synergie (China) Central Laboratory introduced the process and background of Germany Synergie Institute's visit to China, and Dr. George Ebert gave a detailed introduction to the overview and efficiency enhancement technology of the Germany Synergie Institute. In the report, efficiency enhancement solutions were developed for different fertilizer products of different fertilizer companies, which are simple and easy to operate, and convenient for practical production applications.


Dr. Li Xinzhu from the Synergie (China) Central Laboratory delivers a report


Dr. Georg Ebert from the Synergie Research Institute delivers a technical report

At the meeting, Wan Peng, Vice President of Kingenta Group, the representative of the technology authorized customer of Synergie Research Institute, introduced the application of the Schnorder efficiency enhancing technology of Kingenta Group. Representatives of several major technology platforms made speeches respectively, and held a signing ceremony with Synergie Research Institute. At last, the media interviewed and interacted with relevant participants about the signing activities and related conditions.


Wan Peng from Kingenta Group makes technical application report

As a large agricultural country, China's fertilizer utilization rate is still very low, which is not small compared with the German fertilizer industry. This signing is of great significance to accelerate the implementation and promotion of efficiency enhancing technology in China. Synergie Research Institute will also continue to uphold the mission of "Equal opportunities in technology Enhancing efficiency in the future", and promote the leading fertilizer efficiency enhancing technology to China and the world.